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Hotels allow you to browse a huge number of hotels. Its devotion program, Hotels.com Rewards, offers a straightforward method to earn credit toward future stays. Besides, on the off chance that you book through Hotels.com enough, unwavering ness individuals can earn tip-top status, which conveys a couple of additional advantages.

So is it worth booking through Hotels.com rather than straightforwardly through a hotel chain? To help you choose, here’s a gander at a portion of the principal benefits on the off chance that you use Hotels Reviews.

Would you be able to Trust Hotels

Indeed. This help is protected to utilize. I have booked more than 1000 rooms with this assistance. They utilize the hotel’s reserving strategies and on occasion will get a discount from missed appointments that I would not typically get straightforwardly from the hotel whenever booked straightforwardly through its foundation.

Benefits of Booking with Hotels

Choose from parts (and heaps) of hotels

On the off chance that determination and adaptability are imperative to you, booking through Hotels Reviews might be a decent decision for you. More than 500,000 properties can be reserved through Hotels.com, which makes even the biggest hotel chain fail to measure up.

At the point when you book through Hotels.com you’re not restricted to chains, which can carry a murmur of help to any individual who inclines toward little autonomous hotels, guesthouses, and overnight boardinghouses. Besides, when going off in an unexpected direction objections, you may not discover enormous hotel marks by any stretch of the imagination. Hotels Reviews takes into account these voyagers by offering more property types in more places across the globe.

Earn “free” hotel evenings
  • Booking through Hotels.com doesn’t mean you need to swear off earning rewards and free evenings. Truth be told, the Hotels Reviews Rewards program is exceptionally fulfilling.
  • It’s free to join. At that point, when you’re apart, every night you stay at a hotel booked through Hotels.com will earn you one stamp. For every 10 stamps, you’ll get one free evening, excluding assessments and charges. Consider this a punch card: Buy 10, get one free. So you are basically getting 10% back.
  • Free evenings can be utilized to book a room worth the normal expense of your 10 paid evenings. You don’t need to stress over power outage dates or limitations — you can book any property accessible on Hotels.com.
Get additional advantages when you earn the first-class status

Hotels.com Rewards offers two degrees of tip-top status, yet don’t anticipate being awed by the advantages.

The lower level, Silver status, is earned in the wake of completing 10 evenings in a scheduled year. You’ll get a couple of additional advantages, for example, free breakfast or spa vouchers at select properties as it were.

Gold status is yours in the wake of completing 30 evenings in a scheduled year. You’ll get all that Silver status offers alongside room redesigns and early registration and late checkout at VIP Access properties, when accessible.

Earn rewards quicker with a Hotels.com credit card

You can earn stamps quicker with the Hotels.com® Rewards Visa® Credit Card. For each $500 you spend on the card, you’ll earn one stamp. Combine that with the stamps you earn by remaining at a hotel booked through Hotels.com to speed up your earning power.

For instance, without the credit card, if you burned through $1,000 on an eight-night hotel stay booked through Hotels.com, you would earn eight stamps. Yet, if you pay for it with a credit card, you’ll earn two extra stamps.

Unlock secret costs

As a Hotels.com Rewards part, you can save considerably more with Secret Prices. Simply look out for properties stamped “Secret Price” to get the part limits.

How to Maximize Your Hotels.com Rewards

You need a movement credit card that focuses on what’s imperative to you.

  • Carrier miles and a huge reward: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card
  • No yearly charge: Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card
  • Level rate rewards with no yearly charge: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card
  • Premium travel rewards: Chase Sapphire Reserve®
  • Extravagance advantages: The Platinum Card® from American Express
  • Business voyagers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Why You Should Consider Switching Loyalty to Hotels

Here are a couple of reasons the Hotels.com rewards program merits considering.


The greatest selling point of the Hotels.com rewards program is its effortlessness. You don’t need to follow first-class qualifying stays, scramble to address status difficulties, or attempt to discover approaches to “augment” your focuses. You essentially get one free night on any qualified property at regular intervals you book.


The Hotels.com rewards program offers a greater number of choices and more extensive accessibility than any conventional hotel devotion program.

Hotels Reviews flaunts more than 500,000 hotels and developing. On the other hand, the moderately tremendous Marriott portfolio has just 7,542 hotels. So the Hotels.com program offers more than multiple times the reclamation choices.

Return for your cash

The Hotels.com rewards program offers respectable restitution all alone. For instance, a 10-night stay at the TWA Hotel referenced above would cost $2,430 ($243 x 10) and yield a free Hotels.com night worth $199 (the normal expense of every evening, fewer duties and charges). That is a practically 8.2% return.


The Hotels.com rewards program isn’t for everybody. Notwithstanding its benefits as far as straightforwardness, accessibility, and recompense, it needs highlights of standard hotel dependability programs that a few explorers esteem exceptionally.

It executes the fun of focus expansion. A few of us appreciate the round of discovering approaches to expand our hotel focuses, regardless of whether it’s badly arranged.

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