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We exist to enlighten, instruct and connect cutting-edge housing industry experts using the information, experience and people who drive the industry forward.

We work to create groundbreaking experiences that move the lodging industry forward because we recognize that better homes mean better lives and more grounded networks. Buy Architect Magazine Review.

We are a public forum

Our geographic coverage exceeds our limited exploration centers across the country and around the country’s most dynamic new home business sector. With nearly 100 CBSAs covering over 440 districts, our group has you covered.

How do I submit material for publication consideration?

Letter to the proofreader

Send us an email. You can contact us at letters@architectmagazine.com. Letters may be revised for length, substance, and style and distributed in future issues.


If you have a building project that our readers think is important, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the online project gallery, where you can upload photos, project credits and a photo directly to the site. . Our planning editors survey each residence online for paperwork and progress. Details on how to transfer project materials can be found here.


Architect does not accept unsolicited articles. If you have a potential idea for a story, please email a short illustration and writing test under the supervision of Manager Lori Elden at lelden@zondahome.com.


To submit an item for consideration for distribution, if it’s not too much trouble, email a general statement and a photo of the product at any rate to products@architectmagazine.com.

How can I buy pamphlets?

Architect produces two free email bulletins: Architect Magazine Reviews Newswire, a daily roundup of our most popular stories, and Architect Weekly, which keeps you up to date with all Architect Magazine reviews and its most popular Hanley Wood stories. sister distribution. Buy at least one bulletin here.

Can I use print magazines online?

Indeed! You can access any print issue of Architect Magazine Review on your PC, online or by downloading a PDF of the issue for offline viewing. Click on “Magazine” at the bottom of any page on the site for issue files.

What benefits do architects get?

Architects typically receive wellness and additional security, as do travel, vacation write-offs, and retirement benefits. Independently employed architects are responsible for their own benefits.

How many hours does an architect work?

Many architects work the standard forty-hour week. All the time, however, they should change their schedule to meet their time constraints. They can pull all-nighters and weekends alike. Independently employed architects usually work long hours and often meet with clients in the evenings.

Do I need an architect to draw the plans?

You usually can, that is, if you or your developer have the ability to plan, if you have a reasonable idea of what you need, and you (or your manufacturer or someone you know) can provide plans that meet the building requirements near you to experts. In all these situations, you can get by without an architect.

Can you afford the cost of the architect?

Like any specialist, co-op architects add their cost advantage. You need to zero in on the benefits measure added to each man-hour. The best way to realize this edge is to ask them for it. … All these costs are fixed and you should not assume that they will come down.

Is the architect a distressing position?

Architects plan, plan and direct the development of spaces for businesses or private spaces. … Architects must often adapt to the stress and pressure factor of working under closed cutoff times.

Do architects travel a lot?

Some architects will often go with a small firm, while others will never go with a large firm. … On the off chance that you need an architect for the movement’s vision, you need to make sure you’re looking for a firm that sends out their architects frequently and that they know that’s what you’re aiming for in any case.

How do I know if I need an architect?

Not only can an architect add the highlights and functionality you demand, nevertheless, the questioner also recommends what to discover relevant to your desires.

Can architects get rich?

Technically, in any event in the US, architects are “rich”. A high-level manager, an associate, or a principal usually earns more than about 95-98% of the US, which is similar to how people believe they can get rich working in the tech industry or designing.

Are architects intelligent?

They should have an assortment of features, most of which they should dominate. Architects must have a solid understanding of all building disciplines, including elementary, electrical and mechanical. This takes smart. And remember that being basically brilliant doesn’t make you a decent architect, it just makes you a decent establishment.

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